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Palm Oil Has Become the Life Breath of Family

Foto by Rahmat Nur Hidayat/SawitFest 2021
Palm Oil Has Become the Life Breath of Family

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – When the writer got home from faraway town, the place she wanted to get into was palm oil plantation. Since she was a little girl, palm oil grew together with her, until she was in the sixth semester. “Why don’t you replant the new trees, mak?” She asked her ‘omak’ while seeing old palm oil trees.

By the way, Omak is a familiar name for a mother where she was used to live in Labuhanbatu Utara, one district in North Sumatera Province

“Wait until you finish your study, inang,” her omak told. Inang is a special name for daughter in Batak tribe.

Palm oil is one source of income in many families in Labuhanbatu. It grows in the same time with age and education of its owners. It is no questioned that palm oil can deliver the writer’s education and her siblings and source of income for families in many regions in Indonesia.

When the writer was about 9 years old, she was going back and forth in palm oil plantations together with her siblings.

When she got study in Yogyakarta, phone has been one device to communicate with her omak. “Wait for some time, inang, I will send some money to your study and food if fresh fruit bunch (FFB) is sold,” her omak told by the phone.

“Alright, mak,” she answered happily. She always prays that palm oil will deliver FFB in many numbers, away from creatures that want to destroy or eat FFB. It is no question that the writer knows palm oil plantations could harvest twice a month. If they are in harvest, her monthly costs or fee can be transferred (by her ‘omak’). To get FFB safe, she was willing to stay for a while in the plantations, in a simple hut. It was fun.

Her Ayak and Omak are tough parents. The writer believed, not only her family, but also others do cultivate their plantations starting from seeding, planting, fertilizing, cleaning, and harvesting, transporting, weighting, and selling their own. When harvest time comes, many families were working together all the time. The writer was small enough, helping picking up every seed that fell apart. Piece by piece until the seeds were full of one sack. Anyway, Ayak is a famous name to a father in her region.

The writer really knows how to plant palm oil seeds until they are productive. Not only delivering FFB but also income. In fact, unrealized in her childhood, the writer has had knowledge about planting palm oil until it delivers income to her family, money to every need.

It is no doubt that palm oil is so special for many people in Indonesia namely those in palm oil plantation centers. They who do not get income from palm oil or their houses are in urban or there is no palm oil in the regions, do not mean that they do not get advantages or specialty from palm oil. In general, food in many regions in Indonesia should use palm cooking oil as the main ingredient which is from palm oil.

That is why, people in many regions in Indonesia choose and trust palm oil as the assured and promising income to survive. Income from palm oil depends on the selling price. Though it is cheap totally, it does not mean, palm oil owners go to bankrupt but the money will not be enough to buy daily needs.

Alhamdullilah on 31 July 2021 the writer got undergraduate degree. Thanks to palm oil, because of you, the writer got it in Communication Degree from Universitas AMIKOM Yogyakarta. It is palm oil as the source of life. (*)


By: Indah Hotmarina

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