FFB Harvest Strategies to Get Double Yield

Foto by Faiyaz Titan Hasibuan/sawitfest 2021
FFB Harvest Strategies to Get Double Yield

InfoSAWIT, JAKARAT – Some factors will determine crude palm oil (CPO) production maximally in palm oil plantations, such as, fresh fruit bunch (FFB) systems. The good and right method will influence high yield. It needs to prepare and assess harvests.

The harvest will determine the profits for companies or smallholders. It is recommended to conduct right and good methods. But before harvesting, it needs to prepare the process and conduct harvest assessment.



Before harvesting FFB, we have to prepare which areas to be and to get FFB and seeds easily to gathering spot, such as, the first, path to carry (path to carry FFB for harvesters) and supervisor. The second, area around tree should be free from weeds. The third, clean up and cut off the lowest midrib to cut FFB and pick seeds easily and safely. If not, it will block to harvest FFB and pick up seeds by the lowest midrib which is not useful anymore. The fourth, gathering spot should also be clean from weeds. It should be 3 x 6 meter (standard). The most efficient is to provide 3 paths for one gathering spot or at least 2 paths for 1 gathering spot. The fifth, collection road to carry up FFB from gathering spot to mill should be in good condition where the FFB trucks could transport/pass by. The path to carry should be cleaned up up to collection road if trucks could pass by. The sixth, skillful harvester should also put on standard self-protection tools, such as, helmet, shoes, gloves, well wrapped – equipments. Toolkits to be used are dodos, whetstone, gancu, and rickshaw.


FFB Assessment

Palm oil is the highest oil producer of all kinds of plantation producing oil that could be reaching 7 tons of crude palm oil (CPO) per hectare per year.

To get high yield of CPO, it needs, such as, best management practices that cover right harvest technic.

That it why it needs standards in the mill if the result was good or right. It also needs to deliver assessment system to know FFB quality both in gathering spot and in the mill.


Steps before Assessment

Before conducting FFB assessment which was harvested, there are steps to do, such as, the first, briefing or harvest  socialization to foremen and harvesters about FFB quality to get and be taken to gathering spots and every procedure. The second, when assistant conducts socialization, there should be time to question and answer that foremen and harvesters really understand everything regulated by the company and the FFB harvest standards. The third, simulation, which means, directly practice what has been told and everyone is in the same page according to the procedures. These are the steps to do new tasks to get every target. But if it is not, it needs to re-conduct to get the targets.

By: Ahmad Hulaimi / Oil Palm experties

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