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Malaysia Is Difficult to get Palm Oil Workers

Malaysia Is Difficult to get Palm Oil Workers

InfoSAWIT, KUALALUMPUR - Analyst of Kenanga Research, Adrian Kok mentioned that it is not good in plantation sectors for the lact of workers about 75.000 harvesters of 40.000 ones in the first place. This decreased 20% of the harvest since foreign worker recruitment was frozen on 18 March 2020.

As quoted from The Edge, Kok predicted, additional lack of workers could be 2.000 men in average every month. Many companies recruit the local but 60% of them are not working anymore in a year.

UOB research analysts, Kay Hian Leow, Huey Chuen, and Jacquelyn Yow revealed that what the companies do to get local people to work in plantation sectors is mostly unsuccessful in 4D defamed industry – dirty, difficult, dangerous, and demeaning.

According to five companies’ survey, 2.433 men were recruited in 2020 but 58% of them resigned, as the analysts mentioned. (T2)