Jokowi Officially Revoked 34.448 Ha of Plantation Business Rights and 3,1 Million Ha of Forestry Licenses

Jokowi Officially Revoked 34.448 Ha of Plantation Business Rights and 3,1 Million Ha of Forestry Licenses

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – To get the good natural resource governance and fulfill distribution, transparency, and fair principles, the government corrected inequity, unfairness, and natural damages. That is why mining, forestry, and area use licenses will always be totally evaluated.

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) told, the licenses which do not run, and unproductive or substituted to others which are also not the same with allotment and regulation, are revoked.

Plantation Business Rights licenses which are abandoned lay about 34.448 hectares (ha) and have been officially revoked. From the numbers, 25.128 hectares belong to 12 legal institutions, and the rests, 9.320 ha belong to abandoned Business Rights of 24 legal institutions.

Jokowi also revoked 192 licenses in forestry sectors about 3.126.439 ha. The licenses are revoked because they are inactive, do not have work plans, and are abandoned. While the revocation of mining licenses covers 2.078 licenses from mineral and coal companies because they never deliver work plans.

Jokowi told, license improvement and discipline are integral part of license governance in mining, forestry sectors, and other licenses. The government keeps improving by delivering easy transparent and accountable business licenses but the misconducted licenses will be revoked.

“Every license which was published for years but there is no activity in the areas postpones natural resource advantage to increase the people’s welfare,” President Joko Widodo emphasized in Istana Kepresidenan Bogor, Thursday (6/1/2022).

He also mentioned, the government should run constitutional mandate that earth, water, and everything inside are mastered by the country and used to welfare the people.

In the same time, the government will give opportunity of asset advantage distribution to groups of people and social, religious organizations which are productive (including groups of farmers, boarding schools, and others) that could conduct cooperation with reliable and experienced companies.

“Indonesia is open to get credible investors that have good track records and reputation, and commit to welfare the people while conserving the nature,” Jokowi said. (T2)