Palm Oil Saves Eyes of Young Generations

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Palm Oil Saves Eyes of Young Generations

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – 4.0 Industrial Revolution changes the world where it was analog to be digital. Face to face is changed to be face from screen. Namely in pandemic, everything is done from screen. The world full of digital and touch screen impacts to quality of sight. How come? Eyes should see a screen in every minute and may take a little longer than seeing the real world. Radiation from the screen, state focus from eyes, fatigue of eyes can be the factors to reduce sight quality.

The most common eye damage is nearsighted for children. It happens for the stiffness of eye muscle to get different focus because of seeing the same focus in near distance. Phone, computer, and other screen contribute to nearsighted for the children are forced to focus in certain distance. Autofocus in the eyes, like lens, gets weaker. This has solution by getting muscle eye exercise but there is one thing forgotten, which is, eyes nutrition. How to get healthy eyes if nutrition is not complete, which is vitamin A?

Vitamin A is identical with carrot. Children got lots from a rabbit’s favorite food. In fact, many also misunderstand to provide carrots which are full of vitamin A for the children. The people are not well educated if vitamin A is not melted in water because it is non polar. The realization is that the children get carrot juice. Vitamin A from carotenoid melts in non-polar solution, such as, oil. If talking about fish oil, it will be about import. As a matter of fact, our country is full of vitamin A, which is, palm oil.

Palm oil has been known for more than 5000 thousand Before Christ (BC) by the early Egyptian. Long history of palm oil came up to our country in 1848 from Colonialism; which the seeds were taken from Amsterdam and planted in Kebun Raya Bogor. The first species in our country was Eleis guineensis, which was spread to many islands. In 1916 the first palm oil product was processed to be soap and it becomes the biggest vegetable oil commodity in the globe.

Palm oil is not only about to produce cooking oil but also to get derivative products from crude palm oil (CPO). One greatness of palm oil is the ingredient of natural pigment which is full of vitamin A, which is, carotenoid reaching up to 7500 µmol/liter and other bioactive compound in it. If compared to others, carotenoid in palm oil is the highest of all, then carrot, apricot, tomato, banana, and orange.

Carotenoid in palm oil is yellow or pink. Unfortunately, the people tend to get white oil or clean oil when they buy cooking oil. Perhaps they ignore nutrition value that yellow and pink oil is good for eyes.

The advantage of carotenoid in palm oil is the compound is melted because it is non-polar. The melting carotenoid in palm oil will ease body to absorb and take it to blood vessel and transport it to eyes. It means, palm oil wins a lot compared to other fruits as the sources of vitamin A. sadly, the people are not open-minded to optimally get the advantages.

Many of them are afraid if palm oil can cause cholesterol. Again, this is misperception. Cholesterol in man’s body does not derive from oil only but also from sources of sugar or carbohydrate which ae synthetized by body to be fatty acid. Cholesterol is one of them. It needs to get it clear because palm oil could minimize cholesterol level because there is highly enough HDL (good cholesterol), zero LDL (bad cholesterol). It needs to get the right palm oil consumption to get the starch as eyes nutrition.

Actually, palm oil has been mixed or used in kinds of food for a very long time. Besides frying, it is also used to make cake, biscuit, bread, cookies, and shortening. This is the camouflage of vitamin A input in food but in few quantities. Palm oil delivers tasty. It also needs innovation to make foods that palm oil is printed out on the food label as one arrangement material and full of carotenoid.

The innovations are by campaigning palm oil consumption. It could be in salad, fruit juice emulsion mixture, and others; by informing the right information about what ingredients in palm oil and their advantages; by denying negative accusations about palm oil that may cause cholesterol, fatness, and cancer. In the contrary, palm oil can prevent such diseases because it is full of anti-oxidant to block free radical.

The question remains, how would young generations get the right understanding about palm oil? Sighting issue has solution and so has the nutrition. It is good that palm oil gets the special spot which is not limited from the frying products preserved on the table but also how that the people optimally advantage the potential palm oil to deliver the best for man’s body namely in young generations’ health. By palm oil, young generations’ eyes can be saved. Our generations need to grow well and healthy with this vegetable oil which is full of nutrition and anti-oxidant.

By:  Dhanang Puspita

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