General Myths about Palm Oil in Baby’s Formula Milk, Is It True?

General Myths about Palm Oil in Baby’s Formula Milk, Is It True?

InfoSAWIT, SAN FRANCISCO Palm oil development always faces negative accusation, not only about environment but also as material to produce baby’s formula milk.

Is it true that palm oil if used to produce baby’s formula milk is not healthy? Here are general myths about it as quoted from The Nation Roar.

The first, palm cooking oil is dangerous for man’s health. It needs to consider that palm oil has been added to kinds of food about five thousand years ago, much longer before sunflower and olive oil was added to foods.

The second, man’s body will not assimilate palm oil (absorbed inside). This is wrong because product digestion level reaches more than 95%. Milk fat has digestion level only 90,7%.

The Third, palm oil is often used in food industries because it is economic in price. In formula milk, this is not true. The experts thought, with cheaper material (in baby’s milk formula that needs palmitate acid from palm oil) and transportation costs, the product is at the same price with soybean (because sunflower has no palmitate acid).

Still from The Nation Roar, pure palmitate acid used in baby’s formula milk is the same arrangement and part from palm oil in human’s fat. That is why palmitate acid from palm oil is needed more to adjust human’s fat formula than endangering baby’s body. To produce baby’s milk formula, pure palm oil is in control in every phase, starting from the harvest in plantations, purification, process, transportation until the last use.

Parents, for instance, want to get into deeper understanding the effects to baby’s body. In this case, it is important to know that palmitate acid is the basic material in almost baby’s milk formula products.

New born baby needs to get nutrition and pro-biotic in maximal numbers. Baby’s food could be fulfilling baby’s needs as much as possible and even from palm oil composition. However, palm oil is vegetable fat that possibly is as same as human’s fat substance. Human’s fat is the best baby’s food option available.

It is undeniable that low quality palm oil is used in many foods but in the cases, palm oil is not processed for material production and happens for untested and unreliable producers.

It needs to know that only few scientific and professional publications are available about this topic. The proofs to support and oppose are contradiction. In many cases, palm oil ingredient of a product is regulated and reflected in composition written in the label (of a product).  Every adult man needs to read milk formula composition well and conduct right choice because his baby’s health depends on him.

Until now, the official data published by World Health Organization (WHO) mentioned, food having vegetable oil and palm oil is not dangerous for health.

Unfinished and controversial questions remain about advantage or danger of palm oil may relate to palm oil quality itself in food industries, and the lack of reliable control and study. (T2)