What if The World without Palm Oil

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What if The World without Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In the cold and dark night, there was a post in palm oil plantation. There was a man inside, watching the situation while reading a book with dim light, drinking coffee, and the clock was ticking at 12.

Soon after, the man got out. He could not believe his eyes. He was wondering and screaming because he saw an overlay of emptiness inside palm oil plantation. There was no tree. He thought he was dreaming. He hit his face but it was hurt. He opened his eyes while shocking. The next morning, the news spreads fast that shocks the world, there is no more palm oil tree.

What if the situation does really happen? It may not be destroying the world but it will be fatal to economy and life. People out there may underestimate, just see palm oil trees as uninteresting regular trees. They do not realize what palm oil provides to the world.

Palm oil is categorized as genus Elaeis andan ordo Arecaceae. The multi-functional trees are the sources of employment, life for million smallholders. If there is no palm oil tree, Indonesia’s economy will come to an end, the labors and smallholders will be in misery.

There are two kinds of palm oil tree, they are, African palm oil (Elaeis guineensis) that becomes the major source of palm oil, and American palm oil (Elaeis oleifera) which is used to produce oil, and this kind derives from South and Central America.

Many people do not realize that palm oil tree makes the life smoothly run. It will be a nightmare if there is no palm oil tree on earth because there is no such plantation that could replace or substitute the greatness of palm oil tree.

It is an obligation to conserve palm oil. It is the gat for many people to get employed, and the source of life. It is like a paradise for those who depend on palm oil.

The question remains, if the world is in good condition if there is no palm oil? The answer is no. The economy will collapse. This is the massive impact. Healthy oil will be difficult to get, human life will drastically change and of course, man will not accept.

That is why it is the obligation to maintain and conserve palm oil for the people of Indonesia, human being on earth. Every living creature should maintain palm oil well. The loss of palm oil tree will be a nightmare for mankind. Let us conserve and nurse palm oil trees. Thank you palm oil.

By: Hengky Fauzan

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