Why Palm Oil is Good as Material for Baby’s Formula Material

Why Palm Oil is Good as Material for Baby’s Formula Material

InfoSAWIT, SAN FRANCISCO – Nutrition for baby and infant will deliver significant impacts for their health and it is one most important factor to determine their life quality. Human’s fat, one thing for sure, has high advantage to multiply good nutrition for a baby.

But many babies in their first weeks or months, for one reason to another, got formula milk besides human’s fat or they should get complete formula milk.

Many formula milk producers use protein whey and casein as the sources of protein and lactose as carbohydrate. Cow’s milk is used not as the fat source because it has linoleate essential acid three times less than human’s fat and has differently triglyceride structures.

Saturated fat in cow’s milk can increase diabetes risks in last years of a baby. This is why it needs to use vegetable oil in formula milk. The factory tries to deliver quality and quantity of fatty acid composition and proportion as close as possible with human’s fat and uses different oil mixture to reach the goal.

Palm oil use in food production including formula milk could be one warm issue because many food products have palm oil ingredient. Palm oil characteristics are not totally studied yet and this delivers arguments among experts about advantages and disadvantages of palm oil.

In fact, by the right process to produce orange liquid and specific smell from the liquid, palm oil has lots of valuable components, such as, Vitamin A, E and saturated fat acid.

As quoted from The Nation Roar, palm oil has coenzyme Q10, which functions as anti-oxidant. But palm oil also has highly boiling point and impossible to be fully melted in human’s body. In some cases, babies consuming palm oil can be in constipation and intestinal colic. The last, according to some experts, acid in palm oil will bond calcium which is released through the body.

The main reason to use palm oil is that the will to juxtapose baby’s milk formula composition with human’s fat. The facts showed that fat in human’s fat is one fourth of palmitate acid and palm oil is the main source.

Fat provides 30% to 50% from baby’s daily energy needs and it functions to be the important development factor. It involves to create brain, visual organs, and hormonal synthetic. Palm oil use mixed with other fat or others, such as, soybean, canola, or fish oil will deliver fatty acid ration which is similar with human’s fat. But according to available scientific data, palmitate acid (26% of total fatty acid) have the highest percentage in human’s fat. (T2)