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Agustina Sembiring Breaks Taboo as Mill Manager

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Agustina Sembiring Breaks Taboo as Mill Manager

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - A mill manager is identical with a male and mostly men will be mill managers. A mill manager should be firm, strong when facing issues, and competent to face every target.

In addition, the workers in mill are mostly male, except in administration. But what if a mill manager is a female?

It is rare. But Agustina Sembiring breaks the taboo. She said, she never thought to be a mill manager but for her will to get insight and know more about processing technic in palm oil mill, she took an offer to be mill manager in Bukit Barisan Indah Prima Mill.

Beru Sembiring also told, her family supports her as a mill manager. “Besides helping my husband, I want to maximize what I have,” she recently said to InfoSAWIT.

She also mentioned that she found no issue as palm oil mill manager. Her family supports her as long as she is happy. “There is nothing happening if a palm oil manager is a female if she knows what to do and her family supports,” Agustina Sembiring told.

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