Through ISPO Smallholders Obey Every Available Regulation

Through ISPO Smallholders Obey Every Available Regulation

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - For it is a promising, Syahrianto assured to plant palm oil in District of Labuhan Batu, North Sumatera Province. The 40 year - old man of Village of Tanjung Harapan once planted paddy. “I planted palm oil for it is economically giving profits. The planting was not as complicated as planting paddy,” he said to InfoSAWIT.

After developing palm oil plantations, Syahrianto said, he needs to get more insight. He needs to establish smallholders’ institution, and the cultivation should be the same in good agricultural practices (GAP).

When Musim Mas offered partnership in 2016 to do palm oil cultivation according to GAP, he took the offer. Though he and others were doubtful, but after knowing the benefits, they get more interested in.

The trainings, Syahrianto continued, were about good and sustainable cultivation, making note about fresh fruit bunch (FFB) production on logbook. The goal is about to know every income in every year. “Assistant always comes to people’s houses to conduct trainings,” he memorized.

The trainings deliver smallholders to get better and more sustainable palm oil cultivation insight and increase their FFB production. “Including about group empowerment. Independent smallholders have place in organization. They never had or understood about organization,” he said.

Now, Syahrianto continued, APSKS-LB implements sustainable cultivation according to ISPO scheme. He is proud of implementing ISPO P&C. It means that the smallholders obey the regulations in Indonesia. “We are the first association obeying Regulation of Minister of Agriculture No. 38 / 2020 about ISPO in independent smallholders’ category,” he said.

Not only about obeying regulations, APSKS LB’s FFB production increases after implementing ISPO about 10% – 15%. “The smallholders get more advantages when implementing ISPO. We implement GAP to increase plantation production and obey each regulation published by the government,” he said. (T2)

Source: InfoSAWIT, November 2021