PT PAL Took People in Borders to Conserve River

PT PAL Took People in Borders to Conserve River

InfoSAWIT, MERAUKE – Palm oil plantation company, PT Papua Agro Lestari (PAL) and the people around the border of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea in Rawa Kasat, Ulilin, Merauke, Papua conserved river. It was done by making sign ‘not to throw garbage to river’, Wednesday (22/12/2021). 

At least, 16 representatives of PT PAL and 50 people of Kampung Guiss, Rawa Kasat put the sign by the river.

On the board, PT PAL and people told that river should be free from garbage and waste. It needs to protect river for conservation inside or around the river.

This was also part of regular corporate social contribution (CSC) that PT PAL conducts to get clear and safe environment. Not only in environment, PT PAL also conducted health services in October 2021 by taking the medical personnels. The company visited people’s homes to check their health.

Maria Novi of PT PAL’s clinic told, series of activity that the company conducts in health and environment sectors are about to make the people comfort. “Piles of garbage will be pollution to the river and bad for people’s health,” she said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Wednesday (29/12/2021).

Chief of the Maikuin, Louis Maikuin did appreciate PT. PAL for conserving the environment. He hoped, environmental service by the company will not stop at the spot.

Louis also told other people to conserve the environment, not only for now, but for the next generations. “We have to be together to conserve our environment to remain clean and we are healthy as well,” he said. (T2)