Palm Oil Waste Could Produce 8.730 MW

Palm Oil Waste Could Produce 8.730 MW

InfoSAWIT, BOGOR – General Director of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conversion Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource (MEMR), Dadan Kusdiana said that palm oil waste could produce power up to 8.730 megawatt (MW).

He also said, palm oil could be developed to be compressed biomethane gas (CBG). Palm oil for biofuel could potentially reach 34 million kiloliters. “The potential to be biomass power plant reaches 13,273 and to be biogas is 1.785 MW,” he said. It is normal if until now palm oil is the economic backbone nationally.

Deputy in Agriculture and Food Coordination Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Musdhalifah Machmud said, the government and other stakeholders, including Institut Pertanian Bogor University needs to monitor it.

She thought, palm oil could realize energy independency nationally through biodiesel mandatory program. It could save exchange, minimize diesel imports up to Rp 38 billion. In the global perspectives, Indonesia mastered 58 percent of palm oil trade. Downstream industries in our country could produce 160 downstream products and will be increasing more with additional value innovation.

“Indonesia totally produced 40% of vegetable oil in the globe. Downstream sectors are the challenges to face but in international level, the challenges are negative campaigns about palm oil and European Union’s policies,” she said in webinar of Himpunan Alumni IPB University, Thursday (16/12/2021). (T2)