Non-Tax Revenue Increased for CPO, Mining, Mineral, and Coal Increased

Non-Tax Revenue Increased for CPO, Mining, Mineral, and Coal Increased

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Non-tax revenue in 2021 could be on target. This may happen for the increasing tax which is the same with economic improvement and non-tax revenue which positively increased.

Non-tax revenue and tax positively increase because oil and gas commodity, mining, mineral, coal, and crude palm oil (CPO) increased. “Non-tax revenue acceptance by November 2021 reached Rp 382,5 billion or 128,3 percent from Revenue Budget target or increased 25,2% compared to last year in the same period,” Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani Indrawati said in APBN Kita online press conference.

From other acceptance, the tax and customs significantly increased 26,58% year on year (yoy) - the realization reached Rp 232,25 billion or 108,05% from Revenue Budget. This happened for the increasing tax up to 18,25%, customs 10,84%, and duty which increased 819,49%.

Tax acceptance by November 2021 reached Rp 1082,6 billion or about 88% from Revenue Budget target, increased 17% compared to 2020. The numbers were from the increasing income tax of oil and gas about 57,7%, non – oil and gas income tax about 12,6%, value - added tax about 19,8%, property tax about minus 6,2%, and other taxes which increased up to 79,7%.

“This happened for the economy gets stronger namely after we could deal Covid-19,” she said.

In details, based on kinds of taxes, the main taxes positively increased in November 2021. Income tax 21 increased as same as the work utilization improvement. Income tax 22 about import got better as same as the increasing imports and the lack of incentive administration in Income tax 22 to certain klasifikasi lapangan usaha (KLU).

Besides, income tax increased as same as the end of intensive administration of installment reduction to many sectors and the better sector acceptance. The better income tax 26 happened for the increasing foreign tax subject dividend payment and also the better final income tax and the stable value-added tax though domestic value-added tax slowed down because of the decreasing tax payment.

In more details from major sectors, the sector acceptance in whole sectors were positive. Two sectors which contributed the most are manufacturer and trade which increased 35% and 54,9% for each.

“It means, after delta variant is in control, the trade got more resilient and highly increased,” Sri Mulyani said. (T2)