Let Us Know Palm Oil Better

Foto by Domi Yanto/SawitFest 2021
Let Us Know Palm Oil Better

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Palm oil is one kind of plantation that produces palm oil and it is from tropical rain forest in West Africa, namely Cameroon, Ivory Coast, and Liberia. It was firstly found by Nicholaas Jacquin in 1763. That is why, the Latin of palm oil is Elaeis guineensis jacq.

In Indonesia, palm oil was introduced as artificial plantation for the first time in Kebun Raya Bogor in 1884. Palm oil is very potential, such as, the tree that could be used to produce pulp, material to construct, and be source of energy. It was commercially cultivated in 1911 in Aceh and North Sumatera or Deli at the period.

In its fast development plus partnership programs with the people in Indonesia in 1970s, there were programs that successfully substituted people’s plantation composition, such as, PIR-Trans. There were only 6.175 hectares (ha) in 1980 to be 5.958.502 ha in 2019 based on palm oil statistic in Indonesia

Most people cultivate palm oil because fresh fruit bunch (FFB) has high economic values and could be the source of exchange to the country. FFB could be processed as food and non-food oil. Other parts of palm oil could be advantaged too, such as, fiber, and even empty bunch.

Unfortunately, not many people know palm oil well. It is assumed that many know palm oil from the negative sides. That is why it needs to inform useful, good, and right information for the people to expand their knowledge about palm oil.

InfoSAWIT as segmented media in palm oil plantation did initiate SAWIT FEST 2021 that Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA), Bumitama Gunajaya Agro Group, Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), Asian Agri Group, PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk., and PT Cisadane Sawit Raya Tbk., supported.

SAWIT FEST 2021 which had been running since August 2021, and as series to celebrate or independence - day, is hoped that young generations would be more creative to develop our country, have the positive characteristic and become developed generations within the spirit of Pancasila.

It is hoped that “SAWIT FEST 2021’ could increase much information, literation for the young generations in Indonesia, expand education about palm oil, and enliven the young generations’ spirit to be smarter, and more creative to develop our nation.

To know more about “SAWIT FEST 2021”, dear readers could read InfoSAWIT, Oktober 2021. (T2)