Germany Has No Fact to Ban Palm Oil 

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Germany Has No Fact to Ban Palm Oil 

InfoSAWIT, KUALA LUMPUR - Palm oil is banned in Germany because of fake information. It means intentional blindness to environment facts, Palm Oil Monitor claimed in its official website.

In these recent days, Minister of Environment, Natural Conservation, and Nuclear Safety, Svenja Schulze announced that Germany would slowly vanish palm oil - biofuel in 2023.

It is clear that the government of Germany has two faces. They protest peat damage but expand meadow for corn field to produce biogas. European forest biomass is the dominant fuel source in European Union Renewable Energy Directive and Germany produces more energy from biomass rather than other countries in the continent.

“This is the right reason why members of German parliament criticize and ban palm oil,” Palm Oil Monitor noted.

Palm Oil Monitor also showed that the leaders in Berlin ignore dramatic forest deforestation progress in Indonesia – which now reaches the lowest numbers of all time, reaching 75%.

The facts have been verified by Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations on the world forest.

Palm Oil Monitor also noted that Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Malaysia and Indonesia in 2016 and meant that Germany has no plan to discredit palm oil. (T2)