Regulation about Road Obliges Businesses to Construct namely Palm Oil and Mining

Foto by Amrafel Permando Sitompul/SawitFest2021
Regulation about Road Obliges Businesses to Construct namely Palm Oil and Mining

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA  - Minister of Public Work and People’s Housing, Basuki Hadimuljono said Regulation about Infrastructure (Road) which was recently published is the obligation for business and service providers to construct way (road) namely palm oil and mining business.

Basuki thought, Road Day is the special moment for the legislation of Draft about the Substitution of Regulation No. 38 / 2004 about Road on 17 December.

“The regulation obliges business and also service providers to construct road namely in mining and palm oil commodities. This is about to get special hardiness where heavy vehicles could pass through,” he said in 2021 Road day commemoration in Jakarta, Tuesday, as quoted from InewsTV.

He also mentioned, if the business does not construct special road, they have to increase the road standard where they pass through. Besides, there are new significant substances in the regulation, namely to get fair road circumstance, such as, road takeover by central government.

“The regulation mandates that if regional governments (district, city, province) cannot be in charge to road condition, central government will take it over the execution,” Basuki mentioned.

He also told, the regulation also regulates about high way tariff that will be adjusted in every two years according to inflation. The government could also evaluate the tariff not in every two years. “If minimal service standard runs well, it (tariff) will be increasing before two years because the standard will be evaluated in every six months,” he said. (T2)