Asian Agri – Apical Did Palm Cooking Oil Bazar for about 50 thousand Liters to Villagers

Asian Agri – Apical Did Palm Cooking Oil Bazar for about 50 thousand Liters to Villagers

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – As the real support for the government to relieve people’s burden for the expensive daily needs, such as, palm cooking oil, heading to Christmas and New Year, Asian Agri and Apical Group  through PT Asianagro Agungjaya (PT AAJ), one sustainable palm oil company, allocated 50.000 liters of one liter packaged cooking oil bazar in some villages around the companies’ areas in three provinces, they are, North Sumatra, Riau, and Jambi.

Director Sustainability dan Stakeholder Relations Asian Agri, Bernard A. Riedo said, the program is the commitment of Asian Agri and PT AAJ to deliver real advantages for the villagers. Palm cooking oil is one of nine daily needs that the villagers need of.

In cooking oil bazar, Asian Agri and PT AAJ put the price at Rp 14 thousand per liter. It is cheaper than it sold in markets. The bazar has been running since 23 December 2021.

“Just like Ministry of Trade’s program to conduct palm cooking oil bazar, Asian Agri and PT AAJ agreed to conduct the same in some villages for they are in medium economic level,” Bernard said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Thursday (23/12/2021).

He also mentioned, by the bazar, the villagers can get qualified palm cooking oil in economic price. The companies also conduct health protocols tightly. Every buyer should get a coupon that they got before. The coupon has its schedule when a buyer should buy. This is about to avoid the crowded.

“We assume that 50 thousand liters of palm cooking oil will be sold in the next one week,” Bernard said.

In North Sumatra, palm cooking oil bazar was running in the same time in Village of Perlabian, Sub district of Kampung Rakyat, District of Labuhan Batu Selatan on 23 December 2021.

Regent of Labuhan Batu Selatan, H. Edimin told that on behalf of the people, he appreciated palm cooking oil bazar by Asian Agri.

“This really helps our villagers. The more you give, the more you get namely if you help the poor, you will get everything easy from the Almighty,” Edimin said when inaugurating palm cooking oil bazar.

Regional Controller Asian Agri in North Sumatra, Hadi Wijaya, the bazar takes place in three provinces mentioned by Asian Agri.

“In Labuhan Batu Selatan, we conduct it in two villages, they are, Perlabian and Tanjung Selamat with the total 2.000 liters. We hope that what we do today will be useful for the villagers,” Hadi said. (T2)