Young Generations Should Know Palm Oil

Foto By Dea Kinanti/SawitFest 2021
Young Generations Should Know Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Deputy II, President Staff Office, Abetnego Tarigan told that in Covid-19 pandemic, everyone should adapt faster to face the situation namely millennial generations and gen Z who were born in 1981 – 2010. They could be about 50% of total population in Indonesia.

Tarigan also mentioned that it is imaginable if massive impacts hit our nation. But if young generations are lazy, one thing for sure, our nation will be too. If they are excellent, our nation would get its glory.

“I am happy that our young generations are creative. They are involved in such competition, offering many competitions. The positive is about to support and develop,” he said when opening Penganugerahan Sawit Fest Award 2021, by the late of September 2021.

He specially appreciated the unique theme for young generations in palm oil industries. “I never expect that there will be many young generations interesting in palm oil sectors,” Tarigan said

Days before, event organizers told that there were lots of creativity, and the participants did much. It needs to appreciate, not only the industries but also the efforts to improve and reformation to believe that there will be many challenges, including illegal logging, welfare, development, and so on.

He also said that it needs improvement. Young generations are the sources of inspiration to better changes for the future palm oil sectors. We need to remember that there are many chances to create and innovate in palm oil sectors. For information that since 2016 palm oil contributed, at least, US$ 926 million to Indonesia’s gross domestic product. The industries themselves hire 16,2 million workers. 4,2 million men directly work in palm oil sectors while 12 million men indirectly work too.

“This is strategic and big sector for our economy. That is why we need to be smarter when dealing with these industries,” Tarigan said.

He continued, besides considering good and positive sides, we need to know that 16,2 million workers should get better condition both in the industries and in the plantations.

This certainly becomes the issue to be strengthened and palm oil could be the future mainstay commodity to answer the needs of national economy and development. (T2)