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UD Trucks: Commitment to Support Euro 4 in Indonesia

UD Trucks: Commitment to Support Euro 4 in Indonesia

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – To support Euro 4 in Indonesia in April 2022, UD Trucks prepared infrastructures needed to the products. The new trucks to be sold in the first semester of 2022 will have significant progress to minimize environmental impact, but increase efficiency, and time to work, profitability, and optimize total cost of ownership (TCO). Everything will not sacrifice the advantages offered in the previous model.

Euro4 standards in commercial vehicles are in the same goals of UD Trucks, which is, for better life in logistic, mother earth, people, and business. By the goals, UD Trucks encouraged sustainable integration in many process and company’s operational to reduce environmental effects to be lower and to get higher customers’ satisfaction.

“The world is changing. It is significant to get sustainable solution, including in Indonesia. In UD Trucks we are committed to succeed government’s program to provide environmental and commercial vehicles so that the people could enjoy clean and healthy air. In this year, we keep working in uncertain situation to fulfill and realize our commitment,” Vice President of UD Trucks Indonesia, Aloysius Chrisnoadhi said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Friday (17/12/2021).

Air pollution is one biggest threat in health in nowadays situation. According to Global Energy Review 2021 from International Energy Agency (IEA) carbon emission in the globe could be increasing about 4.8% after Covid-19 pandemic. It is the biggest enhancement in the last decades. Emission from transportation sectors could be increasing more than 1,5% in the globe.

The regulation about emission in Euro4 for diesel vehicle from Euro 2 will reduce NOx emission up to 65%. It will significantly reduce carbon track from diesel vehicles from cleaner emission.

By the changing emission, UD Trucks Indonesia prepares qualified after sale service network, such as, intensive training for UD Trucks’ front men, spare-part distribution, and other supportive infrastructures.

Chrisnoadhi also mentioned, UD Trucks always prioritizes innovation which is the same with customers’ needs, and the regulations from the government. “The newest Euro 4 model will be available in Indonesia in 2022 in every dealer of UD Trucks,” he said. (T2)