FFB Stealing, Authority Told to be Careful

foto by Adi Saputra/SawitFest 2021
FFB Stealing, Authority Told to be Careful

InfoSAWIT, KOTIM – Police Antang Kalang in Kotawaringin Timur (Kotim) Central Kalimantan through Bhabinkamtibmas Agung Mulya, Aipda Eko Purnomo did visit the villagers and workers of PT. Karya Makmur Bahagia in Village of Agung Mulya, Sub district of Telaga Antang, District of Kotim, Central Kalimantan Province to see in person the situation there.

Eko Purnomo told the workers about the plantation situation that in the recent days, there were reports about palm oil stealing. He said, as officer in the village, he suggests them to be careful when working in the plantation especially if they saw suspicious person. “Do not do anything alone. Coordinate with plantation security immediately or call the police,” he said in the official page of Indonesian Police.

Chief of Kotim Police, AKBP Abdoel Harris Jakin, SIK, M.Si through Chief of Antang Kalang Police, Iptu M. Affandi, S.H., M.M. said, to know the situation in society is about to deliver safe situation in the society namely the workers who work at plantations.

He also mentioned, random act is against the law. “Let the officers deliver justice. We will process every violation,” Abdoel Haris said. (T2)