IPOA Commits to Conservation; Planted Mangrove in Central Kalimantan

Doc. InfoSAWIT
IPOA Commits to Conservation; Planted Mangrove in Central Kalimantan

InfoSAWIT, KOTAWARINGIN BARAT - Together with Kelompok Tani Hutan Mangrove in Village of Sabuai, Sub district of Kumai, District of Kotawaringin Barat, Central Kalimantan Province, Indonesian Palm Oil Association did the first planting of mangrove rehabilitation.

It was the follow up from memorandum of understanding (MoU) and Agreement of Cooperation among Coordinator Ministry in Maritime and Investment; Ministry of Environment and Forestry; Ministry of Marine and Fishery and other associations including IPOA to plant and rehabilitate mangrove in some spots.

Executive Director of IPOA, Mukti Sardjono said that Village of Sabuai is in wider abrasion. This is the reason that IPOA chose the village to plant mangrove. After observing, IPOA tried to plant deeper in order than mangrove could grow well. “The 10 hectare – mangrove planting in Village of Sabuai is part of IPOA’s commitment to rehabilitate mangrove that covers 50 hectares in Central Kalimantan Province, namely in Kahayan rivers,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Sunday (12/12/2021). 

Meanwhile, Head of Environment Agenccy, District of Kotawaringin Barat, Fitriyana said that the planting by IPOA should be able to answer every challenge. “The planting is strategically the same with the nature to get more successful result,” she said. Some time ago, she continued, Village of Sebuai conducted mangrove planting in seashore but it is dead for the flood.

Fitriyana also mentioned, the agency really supports what IPOA planned. “We need to get more synergy to get this program successful,” she said. The program will be the way to get mangrove numbers in the region. She also said, mangrove could be source of economy if it is well developed and processed into some products. “Hopefully, the planting could become the role model for others,” she emphasized.

Head Village of Sebuai, Tohari said that mangrove planting is an extraordinary program to get extraordinary advantages. “It is not now but five to ten years to go, we will get advantages,” he said.

Tohari also mentioned, mangrove could minimize the effect of flood, wave, and wind blow. He hoped, the program would be successfully running that 80% of the planted mangrove will always grow well. “We pass it to the next generations,” he said. (T2)