Palm Oil Contributes to Indonesia

Foto by Dea Kinanti/Sawitfest 2021
Palm Oil Contributes to Indonesia

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Independence is the rights for every country and the rights not only to get rid of colonialists but also to be active in developing nation. In the 76th Indonesia’s independence - day, we still fight for Covid-19 pandemic and palm oil keeps contributing the best for our nation.

The success of crude palm oil (CPO) always contribute the best for the world and Indonesia. As part of vegetable oil in the globe, CPO is famously known as the material of vegetable oil that has the most complete carbon supply of all vegetable oils. 68% of CPO are used to be oil food and 32% of it are used to be non – oil food (surfactant and bioenergy).

Quoting from Professor Purwiyatno Hariyadi, a professor in Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), CPO use as oil food material in the globe is about to change to use in producer countries, for instance, Indonesia that uses CPO as food oil for about 51,3% while CPO use as non-food oil is about 48,7%. CPO use as biodiesel would be escalating up to 41,7% in 2020.

Professor Purwiyatno, who is also as Boards of InfoSAWIT also reminded that the people of Indonesia should maintain palm oil existence. Please go to  

As the biggest palm oil producer in the world, Indonesia has its main advantage that the production will be increasing. The dependence to exports is anticipated by developing domestic markets by having biodiesel mandatory program. Since 2008 it started by running biodiesel 2,5% (B2,5) until it is B30.

Biodiesel mandatory program is up and down to run. CPO price in the globe is in fluctuation until Public Service Obligation Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PSO PFMA) was published as the institution to help palm oil support fund, including dealing with biodiesel mandatory program and smallholders’ empowerment. Please go to  

PSO PFMA that manages fund from palm oil sectors really develop partnership programs. Promotion, education, replanting and biodiesel subsidy programs keep running to develop palm oil as primadona in our country. As the result, PFMA is part of palm oil history in Indonesia.

When Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, palm oil kept contributing the best to Indonesia by getting exchange up to more than Rp 322 billion. The biggest contribution from non-oil and gas sector gives positive to palm oil as part of economic progress nationally that has been inherited since colonialism. Please go to  

Palm oil has something to do with negative accusations that make colorful journey. The increasing use as bioenergy in many countries makes the biggest worry in the global markets that there will be changing use of palm oil from oil food to be fuel.

The potential changing will be the source of market protection in the globe which delivers negative signal of palm oil use as bioenergy. Besides dominant changing, there will be big fear to weaken vegetable oil use that many vegetable oil producer countries have.

That is why palm oil as part of vegetable oil in the globe needs open and wide information. To deliver transparent and sustainable information about palm oil namely from Indonesia, mass media as part of palm oil business is unavoidable. It needs strategic and profitable partnership for both. Please go to   

In the 76th Indonesia’s independence – day, InfoSAWIT takes young generations of Indonesia – the millennial to be together celebrate our independence day by extraordinary program. Seeing Indonesia from Palm Oil by conducting ‘SAWIT FEST 2021’, it is hope that there will be partisanship from young generations as the successors to maintain, conserve, continue palm oil leadership relay in the future. Hopefully. (Editorial September 2021)