Malaysia’s Palm Oil Stocks Decreased; Exports Increased in November 2021

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Malaysia’s Palm Oil Stocks Decreased; Exports Increased in November 2021

InfoSAWIT, KUALA LUMPUR – According to Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), Malaysia’s crude palm oil (CPO) stocks in November 2021 decreased 4,45% to be 942.354 tons from 986.239 tons in October 2021. It happened for the smaller production while the exports increased.

The second biggest palm oil producer in the world claimed that palm oil processed stocks by the late November 2021 increased 3,09% compared to October 2021 to be 874.525 tons, from the previous stocks reaching 848.329 tons.

In MPOB’s official statement, palm oil stocks decreased 0,96% to be 1,82 million tons from the previous reaching 1,83 million tons in total. CPO output production decreased 5,27% to be 1,63 million tons compared to 1,72 million tons in October.

Palm kernel production did too 5,89% to be 388.562 tons from 412.882 ton in the previous month while saying that palm kernel oil decreased 7,79% to be 179.565 tons from 194.736 ton in October 2021.

MPOB also mentioned, palm oil exports increased to be 1,46 million tons in November 2021 or about 3,30% compared to October 2021 which reached 1,42 million tons. Palm kernel exports did too about 30,44% to be 123.005 tons compared to 94.302 tons in the previous month.

“Oleo-chemical exports did increase 3,42% to be 254.424 tons from 246.014 tons while biodiesel exports increased 160,22% to be 49.973 tons from 19.204 tons,” MPOB mentioned as quoted from Bernama. (T2)