Odong-odong: FFB Transportation as Economical Option in Low land

Doc. InfoSAWIT
Odong-odong: FFB Transportation as Economical Option in Low land

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – As one thing in transportation, road is one significant factor that needs maintenance well to get good palm oil plantation cultivation. The good quality of road will directly influence to escalate operational quality in the plantation. Besides, the good quality of road will minimize operational costs from the cultivation itself.

Every palm oil company must have different policy to deal with road quality and maintenance, namely those operating in low land. Some companies should pile up the road to minimize the pick-up.

Some companies oblige to harden road in the main road. The rest, fresh fruit bunch (FFB) pick-up by non-hardened road should use heavy tools or other transportation. It depends on company’s policy for it has something to do with cost to spend.

Nasir Riyadi, the Head of FFB Trading at PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana Tbk., has innovation by creating tools called “Odong-Odong Pelangsir” in palm oil plantation in low land areas.

He told that the innovation was inspired when he was with his family in the weekend. His children were playing trains that have railway. Then after seeing that, he made the same thing to transport FFB. “From my experience, we consistently conducted research when working in the plantation,” he said.

He also mentioned, the tool is significant innovation for palm oil plantations namely in the low land. Nasir found that if road maintenance in low land areas by hardening, there will be lots of costs to spend. It needs to think of soil stock from C entrenchment which is difficult to get and trucks passing by. This could cause the road sink deeper and added by bad weather namely when it is rainy season – it will make the land erosion.

Nasir explained, it is simple mechanism, which is, make the train using railway in production road which has wood pedestal in order. To gather FFB, it needs used drums which have been cut into two, just like open tubs. “The machine is using a motor (bike),” he said.

To maximize his innovation, Nasir always improves to develop the FFB transportation. He hoped, the innovation could be used not to transport FFB only but also for fertilizers and be useful for palm oil plantation companies, and independent smallholders particularly. (T2)