KAL Handed over The Help about Rp 580 Million to Prevent Fire in West Kalimantan

KAL Handed over The Help about Rp 580 Million to Prevent Fire in West Kalimantan

InfoSAWIT, KETAPANG– PT Kayung Agro Lestari (KAL), one subsidiary of palm oil company group - PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk (ANJ) in District of Ketapang, West Kalimantan symbolically handed over incentive or help about Rp 580 million in November 2021 to prevent, extinguish fire in the forests, plantations or areas, and gave reward to Koperasi Bina Satong Lestari (BSL) in Village of Kuala Satong, Sub district of Matan Hilir Utara, District of Ketapang, Thursday (18/11/2021).

In his speech, Head of Kuala Satong Village, Abdur Rahman told that the villagers appreciated the helps given by KAL, and hoped that the incentive will be used as maximal as they could.

In the same occasion, Chairman of Koperasi BSL, Anton, who is also the coordinator of KTPA (Kelompok Tani Peduli Api) said that fire prevention will not be running well if there is no synergy from many sides to involve in. It needs same good efforts from the government, private companies and villagers around. Private company’s active roles, particularly in plantation sectors should deliver programs to prevent fire.

President Director of KAL, Jerileva Purba said, fire is constant risk for plantation’s operational. This is a serious threat not only for food plantations and environment, but also be potential to damage vegetation and wildlife, causing air pollution, and increasing green-house gas emission.

“Together with Koperasi BSL, we keep developing work programs to prevent the fire, such as, by giving incentive about Rp 580 million in total to the cooperation. It is divided in three categories, they are, prevention, countermeasure, and reward. We do hope, the incentive could be used as good as they can to escalate preparedness to face the fire in next years,” Purba said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Tuesday (7/12/2021). (T2)