Palm Oil in India is The Most Economical Produc

foto by Caesare Fathurrahman/Sawitfest 2021
Palm Oil in India is The Most Economical Produc

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - General Manager Edible Oil Solidoridad, Suresh Motwani said, though palm oil is used in many products, such as, soap, or palm cooking oil, it is still taken as ‘cheaper oil’.

Some big retailers in India do not sell palm oil. But other vegetable oils are much better in physical package than palm oil.  The lack of awareness about health, nutrients, and cheaper price caused the perception go on.

The biggest palm oil segment sold or traded in India is categorized ‘unbranded’. It is lack of investment to change ‘cheap oil’ perception to be ‘healthy and premium oil’. As a matter of fact, many are sensitive about price and do not care about how palm oil was produced.

The other issues are the myth about sustainability cost, palm oil as the oil for the poor, more economical oil, including clear sustainability commitment from companies that involve in palm oil trade and process in India. “There are minimal platforms to traceability and there is no policy about sustainable palm oil,” Suresh said in webinar that Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries conducted in the midst of August 2021 that InfoSAWIT joined. (T2)