NACL The White Pearl

NACL The White Pearl

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Indonesia is full of gas and crude oil to build urea factories (48% N), which the use reached up to 6,3 million tons in national scale. It means, urea from Indonesia could be exported in last several years but the production capacity did not multiply. Unfortunately, Indonesia has no source of available phosphate and potassium.

Nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium (sodium) are macro elements that plantations need. Na which is similar with potassium could substitute the needs.

We always do import potassium (in the form of KCl) every year because Indonesia has no source. Fertilizers which were imported in 2019 reached 6.314 tons or about US$ 1.534 million or about Rp 22.2 billion (source, Central Bureau of Statistic, 2020). If 50% of the import numbers are used to buy salt that small industries produce or about Rp 1.500 per kilogram, there will be 7,4 million tons outer. In fact salt production in national level reach about 3 million tons. 4 million tons others need to be developed. By having the numbers of buying price, the salt farmers will have better economy and welfare. The plantation farmers are happy for getting economic fertilizer price and the country is too for saving exchange.

If any Enterprises want to produce salt fertilizers, the will get more profits, make salt farmers better, and others.  The fertilizer retail price may not be more than Rp 2.500/kg if compared to KCl which is about Rp 9.000/kg.

According to Murray in Doneta Wrate, 2021, salt fertilizer is not easy to rotten and can be applied to many plantations. Salt fertilizer can increase plantation growth, and durable to diseases and pests.

The taste of agricultural cultivation would be better, the production is durable to bee rotten, increase vitamin and sugar level, such as, in wheat which has 0,8 gallon salt per hectare will have increasing vitamin B1 to be 35%, Vitamin B2 to be 10%, niacin to be 38% and Vitamin E to be 15%.

KCl is non-organic fertilizer while NaCl is organic but technically, potassium and natrium have 1 valency, are in the same first line scale. Cl is at the 7th line which has 7 valency. The both can substitute one to the other. Many tests an observation using salt in certain level, the plantations showed the better production.

The chemical factors in KCl and NaCl are mostly the same. There is no doubt too use salt as fertilizer. Salt here means salt to cook or sea salt. It is different from salt in chemical term. But the doze or application will certainly be different to kinds of plantations.

Just like other organic materials, salt could improve quality of agricultural products. Danielle Smyth, 2021 also explained that tomato applied by salt has better taste because acid and sugar are processed in better ways. From experiences of planting organic vegetables, carrot is much more tasteful, and so is kale, spinach, and others. (Writer: Memet Hakim / Extraordinary Lecturer, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Padjajaran, Chairman of Aliansi Profesional Indonesia Bangkit)

Source: InfoSAWIT, September 2021