Before Joining CPOPC, Palm Oil Producer Countries Should Ratify Protocol to Amend

Before Joining CPOPC, Palm Oil Producer Countries Should Ratify Protocol to Amend

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC), has adopted and ratified by signing Protocol to Amend, Adoption of CPOPC Work Plan and Budget 2022 and Annual Contribution 2022, Adoption of Global Framework of Principles of Sustainable Palm Oil, Adoption of CPOPC Policy and Strategy Direction, Adoption of Rules of Procedure of MM and SOM of CPOPC.

Both CPOPC members agreed Protocol to Amend CPOPC, and should prioritize it to conduct ratification procedures in each internal country. CPOPC candidates should ratify the protocol before they are in.

Coordinator Minister in Economy Indonesian Republic Airlangga Hartarto said CPOPC members to come should reinforce CPOPC as the organization and escalate to global sustainable palm oil development promotion. “In the future, the secretariar will be reinforce, from being led by executive director to be general secretary,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Saturday (4/12/2021).

Airlangga Hartarto who was as Indonesian Delegation Chairman, and became Chairperson in the 9th Ministerial Meeting CPOPC said, the secretariat should make clear roadmap to take others interesting to be CPOPC members according to criteria in Protocol to Amend.

“CPOPC Secretariat should prepare every progressive report in membership issue and new membership should be key performance indicators in 2022,” Airlangga said.

After adopting The Global Framework of Principles on Sustainable Palm Oil, CPOPC Secretariat should provide things needed to implement framework with relevant international partners, especially in United Nations system or big vegetable oil producers to help realize same vision and make one sustainable standard for palm oil to be consumed.

CPOPC Secretariat should interpret prior issue which contains of strategy and policy direction to be kinds of initiatives and programs. “The strategies are not limited in management of offer, demand, and price prediction only but also every critical issue that palm oil members and non-members face in more coordinated and coherent ways,” he said. (T2)