Dorab Mistry: Palm Oil Supply Would be Better after May 2022

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Dorab Mistry: Palm Oil Supply Would be Better after May 2022

InfoSAWIT, KUALA LUMPUR – Director of Godrej International and Vegetable Oil Trade Observer, Dorab Mistry said that some factors decreased crude palm oil (CPO) production in Malaysia, such as, palm oil mills were close because of Covid-19 and un-harvested fresh fruit bunch (FFB).

He thought, the government of Malaysia confirmed to get solution for the lack of workers in palm oil plantation sectors by taking 32 thousand foreign workers. But it will take some time to realize until Malaysia really operates normally to boost palm oil production. “Until now there is no sign to act fast, structured to get work license and take foreign workers there,” Mistry said in S&P Global Platts (17/11/2021), as quoted from SPGlobal.

He also said, in the first semester of 2022, foreign workers could effectively work in Malaysian plantations, precisely after Ramadhan or about May 2022. Then the production will be coming in Malaysia.

“Palm oil is the vegetable oil that many produced in the world. Besides it is the material to produce many, such as, cosmetic, soap, and biodiesel too,” Dorab said.

“This year, labors issues in Malaysia have something to do with palm oil production in the country. The significant decreasing canola oil in Canada because of unfriendly weather, and sunflower oil production which also decreases urged vegetable oil price to the highest level in one last decade,” he said. (T2)