When Palm Cooking Oil is Expensive, Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Apical and GIMNI Do Bazar

When Palm Cooking Oil is Expensive, Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Apical and GIMNI Do Bazar

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Palm cooking oil gets much more expensive heading to Chirstmas and New Year 2022. Many small businesses complain about this product.

To relieve the people’s burden, one sustainable palm oil processor and industry, Apical Group together with Coordinator Ministry in Economy, and Gabungan Industri Minyak Nabati Indonesia (GIMNI) did palm cooking oil bazar at Rumah Susun Cilincing, North Jakarta Utara (30/11/2021).

Deputy II Food Coordination and Agribusiness, Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Musdalifah  Machmud said, the government really supports Apical Group to conduct cooking palm oil bazar particularly heading to Christmas and New Year 2022 that cooking oil is significantly expensive.

Chairman of GIMNI, Bernard A. Riedo said, that synergy among the government, association, and private sectors is needed to stabilize cooking oil price which gets much more expensive. “We hope, the synergy could be sustainable to assure that cooking oil supply remains stable for the people in need,” he said.

At the bazar, Apical distributed cooking oil – Camar and Harumas in 1 liter - package for about Rp 14.000. It is planned, the bazar will be until 3 December 2021. It is also part of #ApicalPeduli.

Gunawan Sumargo, Director of Social, Security, and License Apical Group said, cooking oil bazar is about to help the people in needs, namely those who live in flat to buy cooking oil which is still expensive.

“We intentionally do here, around the flat by hoping, people could buy economical cooking oil and right on target. Hopefully this will relieve them,” Gunawan said.

Cooking oil bazar still obeys health protocol tightly and staffs of Apical in duty actively reminded the people to use masker, keep distance, and clean their hands to avoid Covid-19. (T2)