License of PT MASG’s Mill Will be Evaluated for having No Plantation

Doc. InfoSAWIT/Ilustration of Palm Oil Mill
License of PT MASG’s Mill Will be Evaluated for having No Plantation

InfoSAWIT, INHU – For it is assumed not to obey Regulation of Minister of Agriculture No. 98 / 2013 about Guidelines of Palm Oil Plantation License, 60 ton -fresh fruit bunch (FFB) per hour palm oil mill of PT Mustika Agung Sawit Gemilang (MASG) in Village of Gumanti, Sub district of Peranap, District of Indragiri Hulu (inhu) will be evaluated.

Head of Agriculture, and Livestock Agency, District of Inhu, Paino said, his institution would call the company to get everything clear for many told, the mill has no palm oil plantations.

“If a mill has no palm oil plantation, has no partnership, the license will be evaluated,” he said, as quoted from Kabar Riau.

In the previous, Secretary of Commission II, Inhu Legislators, Alex just knew that PT MASG’s mill operates for two years but has no palm oil plantations to support its operational.

To confirm about operational license according to RMA No. 98 / 2013, Commission II scheduled to Hearing with the management and stakeholders of the mill. “Hopefully in this very short, we will take them to conduct hearing,” he said.

One manager of PT MASG, Samsul said, palm oil mills in the region mostly have no palm oil plantations.

He also said, to get FFB supply, those who get delivery order (DO) should connect with FFB collector called ‘pengelola RAM’ or RAM coordinator or ‘peron’ and then provides loan to smallholders as ‘the bond’ in FFB purchase.

Unfortunately, each ‘peron’ or RAM’ of company has never conducted traceability. It is assumed, FFB supply to PT MASG’s mill derives from palm oil plantations in forest regions. (T2)