MPOB Offered Development Service in Palm Oil – Base Products

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MPOB Offered Development Service in Palm Oil – Base Products

InfoSAWIT, KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) offered skills in research and development (R&D) to develop food and beverage in palm oil – base, advantage the latest pilot project mill and laboratory in Bangi.

MPOB mentioned, the making of oil and fat product consists of formulation, processing and preservation during the storage, transportation. Skillful researchers including to increase palm oil products from producers.

General Director of MPOB, Dr Ahmad Parveez Ghulam Kadir said, the establishment of mill pilot project and laboratory will help intensify MPOB commerce and increase the available mechanism and infrastructures.

He also mentioned, this will increase industrial connectivity. The reason is that MPOB does lots of investment in mill pilot project particularly in its head quarter in Bangi.

“Our mill pilot project and laboratory are rented for every palm oil producer to prepare food product samples in palm oil – base to develop markets or new formulation test or the better ones,” he said, as quoted from StraitsTimes.

Ahmad Parveez also mentioned the facilities are useful for producers to formulate and conduct optimization namely perfector pilot project of MPOB that could produce soft margarine, coal, cake, snack, liquid and solid butter, and vegetable ghee.

“Food producers from Syria, Pakistan, India, Turkey, and Sweden have adopted food formulation in palm oil – base which our researchers developed namely products like margarine in palm oil – base, shortening, vegetable ghee (Vanaspati), substitution of animal fat and confectionary fat,” he said.

MPOB also conducts practices to produce margarine for foreign and local participants who get experiences in person to formulate palm oil to be fat products.

He continued, MPOB is now developing facilities and R&D services to small and medium industries and technology start-up in Malaysia that could be agents to explore more significant markets.

Dr Ahmad Parveez thought, mill pilot project is the strategy to realize full potential in MPOB as R&D institute, pioneer in innovations and has extraordinary track records. (T2)