Minamas Donates 20 Ambulance and Food Packages in 7 Provinces

Minamas Donates 20 Ambulance and Food Packages in 7 Provinces

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – As social concern to overcome Covid-19 in Indonesia, palm oil plantation company, Minamas Plantation through corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative - Minamas Peduli Negeri, handed over the helps in its business units in 7 provinces, namely in Sumatera and Kalimantan.

20 units of ambulance, 9.600 packs of daily needs, maskers, self-protection tools, disinfectant liquid, hand sanitize, 2.600 liters of cooking oil ALIF and 1.000 maskers were directly distributed to the people and regional government, within about Rp 10 billion.

Minamas also donated 2 (two) units of ambulance and 500 packs of daily needs to Ministry of Agriculture Indonesian Republic to be distributed to health instance and the people who are hit by Covid-19.

Bureau Head of General and Procurement Ministry of Agriculture, Akhmad Musyafak directly accepted the helps in Jakarta, Thursday (25/11/2021).

Besides, 18 (eighteen) units of ambulance and 4.100 packs of daily needs were donated to regional government, central government, foundations in Indonesia.

Director of Minamas Plantation, Yustinus L. Setyo Putro said, Covid-19 pandemic impacts to many, namely in health, social, and economy.

Minamas Plantation hoped the contribution could medically support, reach people in the remote areas, and become long term commitment of Minamas Plantation to help people. “Pandemic is the time when we should help one to another to create harmony in the hard times,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Friday (26/11/2021).

General Secretay Ministry of Agriculture, Kasdi Subagyono was happy for Minamas Plantation’s initiatives to support the institution to overcome Covid-19 which many sides should cooperate, such as, the government, private, and the people.

“The donation is one real form that Minamas Plantation provided to get a better life in society who needs it. We thank Minamas Plantation for participating and helping us to overcome the pandemic, namely to keep the people in need better,” he said in other occasion.

Referring to the company, Minamas Plantations has implemented vaccine program to 5.000 recipients (10 thousand dozes) and it was running in phase since July 2021. In the future, the target will cover 11.864 dozes to 5.932 recipients. “This is our commitment to help the government to stop and overcome Covid-19,” he said. (T2)