The Government Should Not Publish Strategic Policies to what CC Sentenced

Doc. InfoSAWIT
The Government Should Not Publish Strategic Policies to what CC Sentenced

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Agus Ruli Ardianyah representing the applicant from Serikat Petani Indonesia (SPI) said, meaningful participatory indicators should be the guideline for Legislators and the Government of Indonesia to publish a regulation.

Undang-Undang Cipta Kerja (UUCK) did not involve smallholders,” Agus said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Thursday (24/11/2021). 

According to what Constitutional Court decided, as Director of Sawit Watchm Andi Inda Fatinaware said, the government should not publish any strategic policy or implementation rules from UUCK. It is unconstitutional and there is no reference to publish implementation rules.

Ever since it was made, it is not formal because UUCK is against to the administration of publishing a regulation and the lack of public participatory to discuss draft of UUCK.

“If UUCK or Regulation No. 11 / 2020 about Cipta Kerja namely in agriculture cluster runs, many farmers will get losses in general and there will be no food and farmer sovereignty in Indonesia,” Inda said.

Coordinator of Koalisi Rakyat untuk Kedaulatan Pangan (KRKP), Said Abdullah thought, if UUCK runs, it will be threatening existence, life of many farmers, groups of farmers, culture, farmers’ sovereignty on food, agricultural development, weaken the skills of farmers, postpone to develop local organizations. “Many farmers will get discrimination,” he said.

Koalisi Rakyat untuk Hak Atas Air (KRuHA), Muhammad Reza Sahib as one applicant did appreciate the sentence of Constitutional Court. When arranging UUCK, it was full of capital interests and not formal. “This spare times for us to consolidate and empower DEMOCRACY,” Reza said. (T1)