Sustainability Literacy to Net Zero Carbon Is Significant to Increase Financial Inclusion

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Sustainability Literacy to Net Zero Carbon Is Significant to Increase Financial Inclusion

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Leadership for Enterprise Sustainability Asia (LESA 2021) conference in Asia School of Business (ASB) was just held by focusing to Climate Change Economic business adaptation. The four day – conference that Maybank and Serawak Energy supported, facilitated discussion about crucial issues about climate risk strategy and management by emphasizing to finance, human resources, and sustainable energy transition.

The conference also emphasized urgency to conduct more practical action to what so called ‘sustainable literacy device’, or it is just the same with financial literacy program which made more than 90% Malaysian people have bank accounts. In Indonesia, financial literacy program successfully escalates inclusive financial significantly compared to 2018. Ministry of Finance claimed, bank account ownerships increased 6 percentage point to be 61,7 percent in 2020. Financial service did too to be 81,4 percent.

Based on global commitment in Conference of Parties (COP 26) in the recent days, LESA 2021 successfully gathered more than 9.500 participants from 43 countries. They got new perspectives from keynote speakers from United States of America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia about collective approach and interconnected to solve climate crisis issues. This is the same with DNA ASB as business school globally in Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), one region with the fastest development in the world.

COP26 is the proof that the era ‘Why do we need climate action?’ is no longer available. Sentiment that many speakers in LESA 2021 told was, this is the decade to take collective meaningful action. In every year, we spent 1,75 times of the world natural resources. We have piled up massive numbers of debts to mother nature and there will be limits, while our mother nature cannot provide ‘bailout’. LESA 2021 is the effective platform to conduct discussion and directly learn from study cases of advance companies to encourage changes into sustainable agenda.

It starts from Vale that implements roadmap to net zero carbon until Esquel’s big vision to establish a kind of modern manufacturing park that functions as educational eco-tourism destination and food technology advantage to provide alternative meat in big scale, and sustainable palm oil supply chain creation. The speakers in the conference discussed many challenges that industries faced and how to deal with.

CEO, President & Dean of Asia School of Business, Prof. Charles Fine (PhD Stanford) said, there are significant ethic component in sustainability. One mission of ASB is to develop transformative, principle, and brave leaders who dare admit their limits, as important components. For the last few weeks, we knew and saw the accusations about leaders conducting ‘greenwashing’.

“We have to directly and transparently tell about challenges and issues and how to solve them. This is not easy but this is good to do. We hope to contribute in bigger ‘sustainability literacy’ by conducting education and research programs to supply and increase the skills of every leader,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Wednesday (24/11/2021).

The conference ended by delivering important message and announcement from LESA 2021 keynote speakers - Andrew McAfee, Co-Founder and Co-Director Initiative on the Digital Economy, MIT Sloan and author of ‘More From Less’. (T2)