Palm Oil Contributed 18,52% of Export from Processing Industries

Doc. InfoSAWIT
Palm Oil Contributed 18,52% of Export from Processing Industries

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Head of Central Bureau of Statistic (CBS), Margo Yuwono mentioned, agricultural products also increased the exports in processing sectors in October 2021.

“Palm oil contributed 18,52%. Organic basic chemical products deriving from agriculture increased 3,74%,” Margo said in CBS press conference in the midst of November 2021.

He also mentioned, exports from Indonesia keep increasing. In January to October this year, Indonesia got exports up to US$ 186,32 billion or increased 41,8% compared to those in the same period last year.

"Our exports are better than those in 2019 and 2020. May it impact to economic recovery nationally,” he said.

Still based on CBS managed by Pusdatin Ministry of Agriculture, agricultural derivative exports in January – October 2021 reached Rp 478,48 billion. Fresh agricultural product exports in total reached Rp 518,85 billion.

“Agricultural processed products contributed 92,22% of total agricultural exports from Indonesia in the same period,” Head of Public Relation and Information Ministry of Agriculture, Kuntoro Boga Andri said, as in the official statement to, Tuesday (16//11/2021).

Kuntoro continued, it needs to develop downstream industries to get added values from export activity. It is hoped, commodity exports will not be raw materials only but in derivative products or products. “This will be having higher added values” he said.

The total agricultural exports in January – October 2021 from processing and fresh products reached Rp 518,85 billion. The numbers significantly increased compared to the same period last year. “In January – October 2020, our exports reached Rp 352,09 billion in the same period. In this year, the exports increased 47,37%,” he said. (T2)