By the Late of 2021 Biodiesel Use Could be 8,3 Million Tons Nationally

Doc. InfoSAWIT
By the Late of 2021 Biodiesel Use Could be 8,3 Million Tons Nationally

InfoSAWIT, TANGERANG - Asosiasi Produsen Biofuel Indonesia (APROBI) claimed that in July 2021, biodiesel production reached 4.5 million metric ton (MT) per year within domestic needs reaching 4 million MT and it is predicted, biodiesel use by the late of 2021 could be 8.3 million MT. In 2022, it is assumed that biodiesel capacity could be about 15 million MT per year.

Head of Research and Development, APROBI, Jummy Bismar Martua Sinaga said, Indonesia is a rich country in vegetable oil, namely palm oil. Our palm oil plantations lay about 14,8 million hectares and the productivity could be more than 2020 production or over 50 million tons.

“It means, the numbers could be increased in the same width. Biodiesel programs, both B30, B40, and B50 can be realized by our plantations,” Sinaga said in “Daily Seminar: Multiple Pathway to Reduce CO2 Emission in Transportation Sector” GIIAS at ICE BSD City, Tangerang, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Wednesday, (17/11/2021).

In the same event, Sinaga also told, biodiesel plays many roles to green-house gas (GHG) reduction and energy safety. In 2020, biodiesel contributed to reduce 22,48 million tons of CO2 equivalent and by the late of 2021, it contributes to reduce CO2 emission up to 25,4 million tons equivalent.

“In the same year, biodiesel also contributes about 7,8% to energy target reduction of GHG as Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) Indonesia in 2030,” he said. (T2)