Be Aware! Certified Palm Oil Seeds Are Not Sold Online

Doc. InfoSAWIT
Be Aware! Certified Palm Oil Seeds Are Not Sold Online

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The expensive fresh fruit bunch (FFB) for the increasing crude palm oil (CPO) price makes many farmers want to substitute their plantations to be palm oil plantations.

But for many of them do not really understand to get superior seeds from official sources, the farmers take short cut, such as, finding and buying palm oil seeds from online shops.

In fact, tens of palm oil seed producers in Indonesia do not use market pace to sell theirs. There are rules and process to do according to regulations.

Irma Zulhana Koto from Pusat Penelitan Kelapa Sawit (PPKS) told, her side never sold palm oil seed through online shops but it is limited by using Mysawit and Powitra which everything runs strictly.

She also mentioned, though the purchase is in the two platforms, they should connect with PPKS Medan. “For all these years, we sell palm oil seeds using platforms that PPKS Medan provides, but not by online shops,” Irma said in press conference which InfoSAWIT joined, Monday (22/11/2021)

Agustiaman Purba from Socfindo said, he does not understand why palm oil seeds are sold online. His side complained to Komite Pengamanan Perdagangan Indonesia and other related instances. “Why does it happen for almost a decade?” he questioned.

Purba also mentioned, smallholders or farmers who really need superior seeds should directly contact seeds producers for it will be in simple procedures. Just show your ID and land certificate. “I think, the proposal to purchase superior or certified palm oil seeds is not complicated. Show your ID and area document could be published by official village officers. You can buy it. It is undeniable, there will be minimal orders about 400 seeds by considering delivery costs,” he said.

Founder of Gamal Institute, Gamal Nasir said, when the people need much to do smallholders replanting program and develop palm oil, they still face fake seeds distribution. Many also thought that it happens still without law enforcement.

It is known that many online shops and marketplace sell illegal palm oil seeds. “Bengkulu Police just recently revealed online markets for about 20 thousand seeds with the target, using village funds. But Bengkulu Police will tell everything about it,” he said

To empower palm oil as economic pillar in national scale, and to confirm that people will get qualified seeds, namely when FFB is expensive, the government should decide that selling fake palm oil seeds is extraordinary crime for it will be the loss for smallholders and farmers up to hundreds of million rupiah. The loss will last for decades.

“There should be no more fake palm oil seed trade as it seems the government does not exist. On the other hand, it needs cooperation with online management to stop illegal palm oil seeds for it can be categorized as black market” Nasir said. (T2)