Have Mercy. Sellers Urged the Government to Solve Expensive Palm Cooking Oil

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Have Mercy. Sellers Urged the Government to Solve Expensive Palm Cooking Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Heading to end year, cooking oil gets significantly more expensive. It was Rp 11.000 – Rp 11.500 but now it is Rp 19.000 - 20.000. In modern retails, cooking oil promo is sold Rp 15.000.

According to Chairman 1, Induk Koperasi Pedagang Pasar (Inkoppas), Andrian Lame Muhar, this is weird considering Indonesia is one biggest palm oil producer in the world.

He thought, Indonesia has massive palm oil plantations, categorized as the widest in the globe, and produced much palm oil. “But why is palm cooking oil expensive?” he said, as quoted from Detik.

He also hoped, the government should notice it. He assumed, one factor causing the problem is the imbalance supply and demand. Exports were higher than the stocks in our country. It may happen, many factories tend to export than providing stocks in the domestic.

He continued, the government as the regulator should put limited numbers of exports. If the orientation is to export, while the domestic needs cannot be fulfilled, the government should do intervention by publishing policies.

Meanwhile, Minister of Trade, Muhammad Lutfi told, expensive cooking oil price happens for the consequence to the increasing crude palm oil (CPO) price which is the material to produce palm cooking oil.

It is certainly positive to export achievement. Palm oil has become number one export provider in the exchange.

“If we now see, what products are we selling? First thing first is that we are selling HS15 vegetable oil, which is, palm oil. We sold about US$ 27 billion in 2020. In October, we sold it about US$ 3,36 billion," he said in Digital Technopreneur Fest & Technopreneur Campus FORBIS, Friday (19/11/2021). Though it is positive to export achievement, he continued, the issue is in downstream products, which is, cooking palm oil that also gets more and more expensive. (T2)