Field Counselors in Subulussalam Got Sustainable Palm Oil Training

Doc. InfoSAWIT
Field Counselors in Subulussalam Got Sustainable Palm Oil Training

InfoSAWIT, SUBULUSSALAM – Management of PT. Laot Bangko did appreciate training of trainer (ToT) to field counselors that City of Subulussalam, Musim Mas and Earthworm Foundation conducted.

The eight day – training (16-23 November 2021) is about to get integrated field counselors to realize good agricultural practices and sustainable palm oil cultivation in Subulussalam, Aceh Province.

Sustainability Coordinator of PT. Laot Bangko, Wahyudi P Widodo said, his side is pleased to be involved in the event. City of Subulussalam, Musim Mas, and Earthworm Foundation recommended seeding areas in PT. Laot Bangko as field practices of the participants.

“This is an honor for PT Laot Bangko for contributing in the event,” he recently said to InfoSAWIT, Sunday (20/11/2021).

Besides providing space to practices, the company also provided training materials, such as, protection equipment and tools, uniform practice, and consumption for participants.

“Management of PT Laot Bangko is happy to succeed ToT,” he said.

Wahyudi also mentioned, this is one commitment of the company since making sustainability department.

By sustainability department, the company keeps doing progress to support others to realize sustainable plantation.

“ToT which Musim Mas conducts is one collaboration to realize sustainable palm oil in City of Subulussalam both in the implementation to companies and independent smallholders. PT Laot Bangko really supports Musim Mas in ToT maximally,” he said.

*By: Nukman Suryadi Angkat