Palmitic Acid Research in Palm Oil is Tendentious for mostly used in Food Sources

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Palmitic Acid Research in Palm Oil is Tendentious for mostly used in Food Sources

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In recent days, it was told that Spanish researchers revealed their finding. As quoted from Deutsche Welle (DW) the German media, the researchers from Institute for Research in Biomedizine (IRB) in Barcelona, Spain found that fat molecule in palm oil, which is, palmitic acid changes cancer cell genome and escalates the spread.

Cancer metastases is the number one cause of death until now to someone having cancer. Most of them can be cured but not 100 percent well. It is estimated, metastases are responsible to 90% of death from cancer or about 9 million deaths per year whole over the globe.

According to research result published by scientific journal, Nature, palmitic acid test in palm oil to rat increased metastases in mouth cancer and melanoma skin cancer. Other fatty acids, such as, oleat acid (which is massively found in olive oil) and linoleic acid (in linseed) have no same impacts.

As the organization for researchers and doctors from many advance universities in Indonesia, Masyarakat Perkelapasawitan Indonesia (MAKSI) criticized the research for focusing palmitic acid only as one kind of food sources because it is not in palm oil only.

Chairman of MAKSI, Dr Darmono Taniwiryono said, palmitic acid is mostly found in sources of food. It is just the same where it derives from, such as, human fat, kinds of meat, and its content is mostly about 25%

Cocoa fat or chocolate that many European people are fond of, has palmitic acid that could be 30% of its content. “The question is, why did they research palmitic acid from palm oil only?” he recently said to InfoSAWIT.

Darmono also mentioned the research is not qualified and seems to be tendentious. He wondered why the researchers did not research palmitic acid from human fat that a baby should consume ever since he or she was born until two years old?

“In fact, we are taught to consume palmitic acid since we were born,” he said while demanding answer from the research.

Darmono also told, one thing to criticize is that researchers did research in pure palmitic acid while in every kind of food, palmitic acid is never produced without others. It always interacts with other fat acid and nutrients. “They do not pay attention to other nutrient interaction in food material matrix,” he explained.

The research just limited to rats which the diet is much different from human diet. It is not good to come to a solution if palmitic acid is used to human.

He also told that palm oil has been used and consumed by Africans ever since 5.000 years ago. In facts, they are healthy and even have stronger physics but some use glasses.

“In those countries red palm oil is suggested to be consumed by pregnant and breast – feeding mothers and those who work under pressure and challenge. The bottom line is that the people should not worry about the unqualified research result,” Darmono told. (T1)