Musim Mas Conducts ToT to Field Counselors: Mayor of Sabulussalam: Palm Oil Transforms to GAP

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Musim Mas Conducts ToT to Field Counselors: Mayor of Sabulussalam: Palm Oil Transforms to GAP

InfoSAWIT, SUBULUSSALAM – Mayor of Subulussalam, Aceh Province, Affan Alfian Bintang did welcome palm oil plantation company, Musim Mas in City of Subulussalam.

The operational of Musim Mas in the city called Sada Kata is about to conduct integrated training for agriculture counselors.

By training of trainer (ToT), Musim Mas delivered some knowledge to agricultural counselors about good and right cultivation in palm oil to realize sustainable practice in the city.

Mayor Affan Alfian Bintang also told, palm oil is the mainstay commodity and backbone of economy for some people in the city.

Palm oil plantations in the city laid about 30.813 hectares. Of the numbers, the villagers have about 62 percent.

“It means, about 19.000 hectares belong to the villagers or smallholders,” he said when inaugurating ToT in the hall of Badan Perencanaan Pendapatan Daerah, Tuesday (16/11/2021).

The man famously called Bintang also told, according to field experience, villagers of City of Subulussalam could produce fresh fruit bunch (FFB) about 400-800 kilogram per hectare per month or less than average production that should be.

It happens for many factors, such as, the smallholders less understand about good cultivation which causes less production and cultivation.

By this situation, Bintang thought, they need helps particularly from experts, such as, field counselors. This is the reason to conduct ToT which will run for 8 (eight) days (16 - 23 November 2021).

He convinced that field counselors have good agricultural practices in palm oil sectors. Though they are limited in numbers and smallholders are many, field counselors are hoped to develop smallholders.

“This is challenging for City of Subulussalam or those who work in Subulussalam, particularly in palm oil sectors. There should be ways to help field counselors to be able to contribute in sustainable palm oil cultivation namely about good agricultural practices (GAP),” he said.

City of Sabulussalam should actively play its roles to be out of this situation by conducting cooperation with Earthworm Foundation and Musim Mas by delivering sustainable palm oil cultivation, ToT.

“Besides, this is about to realize sustainable palm oil business and production in City of Subulussalam to be able to compete in global and national markets,” he said.

Bintang did hope, the integrated training for field counselors and smallholders would transform GAP to groups or other smallholders to increase integrated palm oil production.

“The last but not least, we thank our partners to develop City of Subulussalam - Earthworm Foundation and Musim Mas that fully facilitated the training,” he said. (T3)

*by: Nukman Suryadi Angkat