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To Know Palm Oil Batik

To Know Palm Oil Batik

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The massive contribution of Indonesia people in making batik is also the maintain to use ‘lilin malam’. If it is in crude oil – base, in the future, it could be from vegetable oil which could be produced by using bio wax parafin.

“The technology application to produe ‘lilin malam’ in bio wax paraffin could be implemented because it is available,” the researcher of BPPT, Indra Budi said.

If it implemented in Indonesia, one of the world heritage, that is, Masterpieces of the oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO on 28 September 2009 could always  be conserved in Indonesia.

It is unseparated part of palm oil which the world need of in the planet. Palm oil is consumed not as food and non-food, but also as the source of renewable energy that mankind needs.

The needs of ‘lilin malam’ from palm oil – base would reinforce palm oil as the front guard to maintain one of the world heritages. It is admitted that it would not have much consumption but if it is fulfilled from palm oil, it may reduce the waste that damages the environment.

Palm oil is the source of bio wax paraffin that is used as ‘lilin malam’ to make batik. The waste could be decomposed to the nature. Palm oil is tested to produce environmental and renewable products and the success of ‘lilin malam’ usage in palm oil – base would conserve the environment and the future of making batik.

“So batik from palm oil here is from the making batik using ‘lilin malam’ in palm oil  - base. Bio wax paraffin could be used to substitute paraffin from crude oil – base,” he said. (T1)