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To know Palm Oil Through Art of Culinary

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To know Palm Oil Through Art of Culinary

InfoSAWIT, SHAH ALAM – Palm oil has different meanings for everyone. For 650 thousand smallholders in Malaysia, it is the vital source of living. For the lecturers, students, and officials in KDU University College, they think that it is good vegetable oil to be used to cook.

This arises after everyone gets the accuarate information about palm oil through the wall projects in the universities in Utropolis Glenmarie, Shah Alam.

Some of them told that they knew the negative issues about palm oil from campaigns done by western anti-palm oil. But now they understand more (about it).

Chief Department of Hotel, Tourism, and Art of Culinary, KDU University College, Fami Taufeq Fakarudin said, Malaysian Palm Oil Board sponsorred the wall project because he wanted to promote the product and wanted that the citizens of Malaysia should be proud of palm oil.

“We are the first having wall project like this to educate our new generations about palm oil and its advantage. They need to see the wall about the history, advantage, side products, and other facts about palm oil,” Fami Taufeq who is also as executive cook said as InfoSAWIT quoted from www.star2.com.

He is sorry that some men use other kinds of vegetable oil in art of culinary or professional kitchen because they misunderstand about palm oil. He said, it has neutral taste and good to cook anything.

“For example, if you prepare salad souce using palm oil, it would make spicy taste,” the cook who has 20 years of experience in culinary said. He has used red palm oil which is full of carotenoid pro vitamin A to make bread.

With his friend, a cook too, Kasdi Dahari, they have made 10 recepies using red palm oil for Philippine Airlines, such as, ayam percik, sate, meat cow rendang, spicy sour fish, and two desserts: kole kacang and puding raja. (T2)