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Regency of Luwu Timur Socialized about Palm Oil Profit Sharing

Doc. of Regency of Luwu Timur/ Regency of Luwu Timur in palm oil profit sharing socialization
Regency of Luwu Timur Socialized about Palm Oil Profit Sharing

InfoSAWIT, LUWU TIMUR – Regency of Luwu Timur through Food Security and Plantation Agency conducted socialization about palm oil profit sharing. It was running in the hall of BPP Sub district of Burau and attended by about 151 participants, for instance, from the village officers in the sub district, data officers, field counselors, developers, and smallholders.

It was inaugurated by Head of Food Security and Plantation Agency, Regency of Luwu Timur, Amrullah Rasyid that represented Regent of Luwu Timur. He said on behalf of Amrullah Rasyid, agriculture sectors, particularly plantation, significantly contributed to the economic progress in the regency. “It reached 21,49 percent in 2022,” he said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from the official page of Regency of Luwu Timur, Tuesday (9/7/2024).

He also mentioned, the increasing fund allocation for agriculture sectors reached from 43 billion rupiah to be 82 billion rupiah in 2024. It is hoped to escalate the smallholders’ welfare in the regency.

Head of Plantation and Agriculture Agency, Muhtar said that the goal of the socialization would be about to get accurate data and information to support policy and regulation making in palm oil plantation development in Indonesia. Muhtar targeted there would be about two thousand cultivation documents to be published by eighty data teams that had got the data.

The socialization was also attended by two speakers that represented Central Bureau of Statistic South Sulawesi Province and Agrarian Reformation/ National Land Agency. The smallholders’ plantation data would be conducted in three sub districts, such as, Burau, Mangkutana, and Tomoni. (T2)