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The case of Damaging Faruhumpenai Sanctuary to be Palm Oil Plantations is Bestowed to the Attorney: The Fine Could be Rp 7,5 billion

Special doc./The case of damaging Faruhumpenai Sanctuary to be palm oil plantations is in the attorney. The fine could be Rp 7,5 billion.
The case of Damaging Faruhumpenai Sanctuary to be Palm Oil Plantations is Bestowed to the Attorney: The Fine Could be Rp 7,5 billion

InfoSAWIT, LUWU TIMUR – The investigator of Balai Pengamanan dan Penegakan Hukum Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan (Balai Gakkum KLHK) in Sulawesi bestowed the suspect and evidences (second phase) in the case of damaging Faruhumpenai Sanctuary. The suspect, FS (45), the modal owner and rented heavy tool in the case, were bestowed to the public prosecutor Luwu Timur Attorney on 2 July 2024.

In the previous progress, the investigators bestowed the second phase case to the Attorney on two other suspects, IL (49) and ED (43) that were in field charge. The two suspects once fight the law by proposing pre-trial in the Malali Court. But theirs were rejected. In the sentence of Malili Court Number 1/Pid.Pra/2024/PN MII on 24 April 2024, Judge Ardy Dwi Cahyono, S.H., rejected the pre-trial plea for everything.

The case itself started from the report of Balai Besar KSDA South Sulawesi Province for the new planting for palm oil plantations around Faruhumpenai Sanctuary. To respond the report, Balai Gakkum KLHK Sulawesi did operation and successfully secured one excavator and one unit chainsaw, and also arrested two field chargers, IL and ED.

The investigators also decided the other five as the suspects in the case. Three of them, IL, ED, and FS were bestowed to Luwu Timur Attorney and would be in trial. Two others, IW and RB as the land owners are in search because they got away when the investigators called them. IW was successfully arrested after being a fugitive for three months, while RB is still being searched.

The perpetuators would be threatened to break Chapter 78 article (3) juncto (jo) Chapter 50 article (2) letter “a” Laws Number 41/1999 about Forestry that has been substituted by Chapter 36 number 17 and number 19 Laws Number 6/2023 about The Government’s Regulation in Lieu of Laws Number 2 / 2022 about Cipta Kerja to be Laws and/or Chapter 40 article (1) jo Chapter 19 article (1) Laws Number 5 / 1990 about Natural Resource Conservation and Ecosystem jo Chapter 55 article (1) the 1st Book of Crime with the criminal threats five years maximal and/or fine Rp 7,5 billion the most.

Head of Balai Gakkum KLHK Sulawesi, Aswin Bangun thanked every party that helped the case, such as, South Sulawesi Police Department, Attonery, Army, Suoth Sulawesi BBKSDA. “The files of the suspects, IL, ED, and FS have been bestowed to Luwu Timur Attorney so that they would be responsible for what they did in the trial. We do hope there would be sentences to deliver deterrent effects for every perpetuator,” Bangun said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Tuesday (9/7/2024).

He continued, the investigators would develop the case to identify others, such as, modal owners and intellectual actors. “From the temporary result, we decided three new suspects. In total there are five and two of them, IW and RB are in search. IW has been arrested for being wanted for three months, while RB is still being searched,” he said.

Bangun continued damaging the natural resource to get personal income would not be tolerated. “This is the evidence of our commitment and the presence and seriousness of the country through Ministry of Environment and Forestry to maintain the natural resource conservation and protect the people’s rights to get and inherit the environment well for the next generations. As our commitment and consistency of Gakkum KLHK, we have conducted 2.130 forestry and environment operations and 1.529 cases of environment and forestry crimes have been in trial,” he said.

Faruhumpenai Sanctuary, as the important conservation in the Regency of Luwu Timur, has high conservation value. The firm and consistent law enforcement would be the need to maintain the conservation of flora and fauna in the region and to confirm that every environment damage would not be ignored but would get punished. (T2)