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MSMB and Palm Oil Exhibition: To Develop MSMB in NTT

Special doc./Governor in duty of NTT, Ayodhia G.L. Kalake officially inaugurated MSMB and Palm Oil Exchibition: To Develop MSMB in NTT.
MSMB and Palm Oil Exhibition: To Develop MSMB in NTT

InfoSAWIT, KUPANG – Head of Legal Service who represented Head of Ministry of Legal and Human Rights, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), Marciana Dominika Jone attended the opening ceremony of Micro, Small, and Medium Business (MSMB) and Palm Oil Exhibition at Lippo Plaza, Kupang, NTT. It would be from 5 to 7 July 2024. It was initiated by the representative of Ministry of Finance NTT in collaboration with Ministry of Finance and Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA).

Governor in duty of NTT, Ayodhia G.L. Kalake was officially inaugurating the event. In the first day, it was full of MSMB exhibition, talkshow about palm oil MSMB, and the financing to MSMB.

In his speech, Ayodhia said that NTT Province would keep doing the best to escalate the quality and quantity of MSMB in the province. Data from MSMB and Cooperation Agency NTT in 2023 revealed that there were 98.270 MSMB in 22 regencies/cities; 60 percent of them were the beginners.

“Some basic issues that MSMB were facing in NTT would be about capital, marketing, production tools, and limited competence or skills of the actors,” Ayodhia said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from the official page of Ministry of Legal and Human Rights, NTT Province, Sunday (7/7/2024).

To solve those, the government would escalate the access for them in capital, training, and technology adoption. Besides, NTT would cooperate with the central government, Enterprise, Indonesian Chambers, the private sectors, academy, Ministry of Legal and Human Rights in order to get Intellectual Rights on MSMB brands and geographic indication.

Head of General Directorate of Treasury NTT Province, Catur Ariyanto Widodo said that, at least, 22 MSMB developed by Ministry of Finance, were taken and involved in MSMB and Palm Oil Exhibition NTT Province. Dewan Kerajinan Nasional NTT also supported to promote the mainstay products from the province in the event. “It is hoped, palm oil in NTT would get the positive perception and develop MSMB in the province well,” he said.

Catur continued, MSMB development program would be the same with the national – scale policy. In 2024, Ministry of Finance planned (to conduct the same event) with the theme “Kemenkeu Satu Mendukung UMKM Naik Kelas Melalui Digitalisasi dan Globalisasi Menuju Indonesia Maju” that would cover MSMB development programs.

It would be encouraging MSMB to join digipay and e-catalogue ecosystem, understand the tax report process, product certification, export training to support MSMB to get international scale – trade, optimize the site ‘lelang.go.id’ to sell MSMB products. It would be also to escalate cooperation, synergy, collaboration with other government instances and private sectors. (T2)