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PFMA Encouraged Gender Equity and Non-discrimination in Palm Oil Industries

Doc. of Antara/PFMA emphasized to significantly implement gender equity and non-discrimination in palm oil industries nationally.
PFMA Encouraged Gender Equity and Non-discrimination in Palm Oil Industries

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN –  Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) emphasizeod it would be significant to implement gender equity and non-discriminatin in palm oil industries nationally to deliver the same opportunities for male and female to make the industries go forward.

Director of Fund Management and Plan PFMA, Kabul Wijayanto hoped that there would be more female to be decision makers in palm oil companies.

“We hope there would be more female to get decisions in palm oil companies,” he said in a seminar with the theme "Perlindungan Pekerja Perempuan di Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit dalam Rangka Pengarusutamaan Gender" in Medan, North Sumatera Province, Thursday (4/7/2024).

Kabul, who is also as Director in duty of Partnership PFMA, emphasized male and female would have the same opportunities to contribute in these industries. Protecting the workers’ rights also means protects the female rights and deliver safe environment for them.

He said it would be significant to always notice the female’s interests in these industries, namely in work hours, maternal rights, for instance, day-off when having period, delivering child, and work health and safety. “And the female would play their roles, actively participate to develop their ability, capability, and would take advantages on the available potential in their regions heading to realize independent finance,” Kabul said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from Antara, Saturday (5/7/2024).

PFMA is always in cooperation with the principles of anti-discrimination ad would guarantee gender equity. The public service obligation that is in charge to Minister of Finance through General Directorate of Treasury Ministry of Finance, would deliver fair and honest action for every employee to be able to maximally develop their potential, abilities, experiences, and skills.

Meanwhile, Head of General Directorate of Treasury North Sumatera Province, Syaiful emphasized gender equity in palm oil industries would not be only about the numbers only. “This would be more than equal numbers. This is about creating supporting environment to fully develop every potential from every individual, without no one left behind,” Syaiful said.

He also mentioned every worker in palm oil industries should be selected and chosen based on someone’s capability, competence, and talents. “Gender mainstream would not be only about moral obligation but also the important things to develop. Watch the contribution, not the gender,” Syaiful said. (T2)