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AMPeS: Aceh Province Should Revoke The Permits of PT SPT Subulussalam

Doc. of Antara/AMPeS protested to revoke the permits of PT SPT Subulussalam on Tuesday (2/7/2024) in Banda Aceh.
AMPeS: Aceh Province Should Revoke The Permits of PT SPT Subulussalam

InfoSAWIT, BANDA ACEH - Aliansi Mahasiswa dan Pemuda Subulussalam (AMPeS) demonstrated in the field of Aceh Governor office, Banda Aceh, Tuesday (2/7/2024) and urged the province to revoke operational permit of the palm oil plantation company, PT SPT Subulussalam.

Coordinator of the action, Muhammad Ikhwan Sambo said that PT SPT has been delivering issues for the past one year. But it raised again in May 2024 for delivering impacts for the forests in Leuser.

“We urge Aceh Province and Aceh Legislators to immediately revoke operational permits of PT SPT,” Sambo said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from waspadaaceh, Wednesday (3/7/2024).

AMPeS claimed that PT SPT delivered environmental damages in Subulussalam, including the protected forests, River of Singersing, and waterfall tour Silangit-langit. They said River Singersing has been polluted, many villagers are difficult to catch fish because many roots were floating on the river. Waterfall tour Silangit-langit got the impacts from the forest cut.

“River Singersing has been polluated. Many trees are floating on the river and making the villagers not able to catch fish. Our tour gets polluted, such as, River Silangit-langit because of the forest cut,” he said.

Because of the cut, many wild animals should get out to the villagers’ circumstances. The demonstrators urged the government to immediately act to maintain the sustainable environment and the welfare of the local. (T2)