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Aliansi Kolibri: Get The Same Power to Maintain Sustainability

Doc. of InfoSAWIT/Aliansi Kolibri was launched in Jakarta with the goal, to fight deforestation and escalate sustainability in agricultural sectors in Indonesia, Wednesday, 27 June 2024.
Aliansi Kolibri: Get The Same Power to Maintain Sustainability

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – When the nation and the globe try to realize sustainability, the local initiative might be put aside, not getting much support to escalate the capacity and alternative financing. Local scale - civil organization should be the significant actor that got lack of attention like global scale – actors (organizations).

Eventually, on Wednesday, 27 June 2024, Aliansi Kolibri was launched in Jakarta. It is the coalition with the goals, to fight deforestation, escalate sustainability in agricultural sectors in Indonesia. The chairman would be Bernadinus Steni. Aliansi Kolibri emphasized it would be significant to have collaboration to fight for the change from lower level.

"Aliansi Kolibri would try with others to get the power both in learning and source of alternative financing with the hope that the local scale – initiative would keep making real changes from the low level,” Steni said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Thursday (27/6/2024).

One main issue that agricultural sectors face in Indonesia is the challenge to realize sustainability. With the forest degradation, climate changes as the main threats in the plantation productivity, the smallholders (farmers) always face difficulty to get modern technology access and available financing.

“The lack of sustainable agricultural practices, modern technology access, and available financing always become the challenges for smallholders (farmers) in Indonesia,” he said.

In national scale, dominant narration about sustainable practices always focuses on food estate concept that proposed big scale new planting. Even though some regional governments responded the initiative, the approach would not always be the same with sustainability that the local hoped for.

Aliansi Kolibri now offers the alternative by prioritizing sustainable agriculture from low to top level. It would be not only as the learning process and getting alternative financing, but also be the commitment to change local scale – paradigm. Through the partnership with other civil organizations, advocacy with the governments, Aliansi Kolibri hoped it would reinforce the network that would enable to realize sustainable agriculture and environment in this country.

Aliansi Kolibri which now consists of eight civil organizations, would reinforce the networking and partnership with others, get partnership with the governments in advocacy and cooperation to realize sustainability, and also would solve nowadays challenges. It would offer sustainable long term - solution for the future agriculture in this country by focusing on collaboration with many sectors and implementing inclusive approaches. (T2)